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Craftsmanship and technological innovation lead the future!
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Craftsmanship and technological innovation lead the future!

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11 Yue 27 , the eleventh Yang Group’s ” 116″ new product release and customers Association grand opening, 600 more than the name of customers from across the country gathered in the ancient city of Yangzhou guests!

At the ” 116 Project” welcome ceremony, President Lin Yajie of Yangli Group delivered a welcome speech, expressing a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests from afar. Mr. Sun Guoqiang, Director of Forging Center of Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Jianjun, General Manager of Zhoushan Xiangda Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered guest speeches, expressing warm congratulations on the successful convening of Yangli’s ” 116 ” new product launch conference. Mr. Zhong Taisheng, chief engineer of Yangli Group, released the innovation results of the ” 116 Project” in 2020 , and grandly introduced the four series of new mechanical presses of MC1/MC2/MG1/MG2 that all implement the Japanese JIS 1st accuracy standard . The whole line configuration 7 station ABB stamping dedicated robots 7000 tons of automatic synchronized press line, equipped with 22 is sensors MIP-315 gantry intelligent two-dot press, the whole mechanical all-electric servo-driven FB1500 NC multilateral hemming center, production efficiency The PSP-80 can-making cap production line with up to 200 times per minute , the battery steel shell high-speed stamping production line with an actual annual output of more than 3 million pieces, and other solutions for the automotive, home appliances, sheet metal, power battery and other industries, are fruitful Demonstrates strong innovation and R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The ” 116 Project” started in 2009 and has undergone ten years of evolution and development. From the leader in charge of improving the performance of 16 products to the continuous optimization of the entire series of products, the rate of new product development is getting faster and faster, and the product system is more complete. The structure is more reasonable; from traditional stand-alone production to customized and large-scale hybrid manufacturing, it has become a solution provider for sub-industry applications; it has become an important platform for promoting technological innovation to comprehensive upgrading of transformation and upgrading, becoming various management An important grasp of work.

With the new situation of international technological competition becoming more and more fierce, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is ready to take place, and enterprises are facing the coexistence of crises and organic risks and challenges, President Lin Yajie said: “Facing the future, promote strength will adhere to the ‘innovation is the driving force that talent is the first resource’ development concept, to ‘ become a world-class metal forming equipment manufacturers and system integration service providers’ corporate vision, customer focus, create long-term value for customers, Keeping close to the end market, researching customer needs and subdividing industry applications, continuing to provide users in different industries with the most competitive products and services, and using the industrial Internet platform as the carrier to provide workshop-level and factory-level intelligent solutions.”

During the on-site observation session, the guests visited the company’s exhibition hall, Yangli Science and Technology Industrial Park, Yangli Science and Technology Pioneer Park, Yangli Science and Technology Industrial Park’s three major production bases, and five major manufacturing plants, and they experienced Yangli’s exquisite manufacturing technology at close range. Full of praise for Yangli’s high-level manufacturing capabilities. In addition, Yangli hosted a rich thank-you dinner in the Shangri-La Banquet Hall, thanking customers for their continued support and trust.

In order to better meet the needs of different customers, Yangli carefully prepared special technical seminars. The lectures used more than 200 intelligent production lines launched by Yangli for leading industries such as automobiles and home appliances and emerging industries such as new energy and new infrastructure as case materials. They were divided into automated stamping solutions for the automotive industry and for sub-industries, and CNC sheet metal Four venues for the development and application of metal processing technology, hydroforming technology and intelligent manufacturing. Technical personnel from Yangli Research Institute and related departments conducted in-depth case analysis and exchange discussions with the guests on topics such as “smart factory” and “smart press”.

In recent years, Yangli has business sectors such as stamping, forging, laser, bending, hydraulics, automation, etc., and has formed a forming machine tool product system of nearly 100 models and more than 800 specifications. It has 7 professional research institutes and R&D teams. More than 400 engineers and technicians have obtained 330 patents, including 99 invention patents , 41 software copyrights, and won more than 10 scientific and technological progress awards. 5 products were assessed as the first set of products in Jiangsu Province and won the “May 1st ” “Labor Certificate”, “Science and Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province” and other honors.

Nowadays, “ Project 116 ” is the “ballast stone” of Yangli’s technological innovation, the “weathervane” of marketing, the “accelerator” of economic growth and the “new element” of Yangli’s culture. It serves as a bridge function for product release and customer communication. To the extreme. The successful conclusion of the eleventh ” 116 ” also provides Yangli with a source of confidence and inexhaustible motivation based on technological innovation!

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