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Service For Cnc Laser Cutting Machine、Hydraulic Press Machine

Spare Parts

Short supply periods for spare parts are crucial for maintaining your installation's efficiency in the event of any mishap.
YANGLI is dedicated to being there for our customers when they need us thanks to our more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of systems for the deformation of sheet metal.
In order to accomplish this, YANGLI has service subsidiaries in Germany and Mexico in addition to a global network of local suppliers and service partners. This enables us to provide a professional and personalized solution with the aim of reducing the supply time.

Assistance in locating the necessary components.
In locations where we have our own facilities, we have local production and support capability with local personnel.
Global supplier network to allow for the urgent local production of some parts that have been approved.
In the case of complex manufacturing parts, advice for speedy repairs.
Professional guidance for identifying installation components that are outdated and no longer available on the market and replacing them with more recent models.
Available replacement parts for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical components rapid turnaround times.

Assitant And Maintenance

At YANGLI, we help our customers utilize and maintain their lines and equipment properly by providing technical assistance. To this end, we can provide you with a Technical Assistance service that may be called if you need help with any of our tools.
YANGLI has service subsidiaries in Germany and Mexico in addition to a global network of local suppliers and service partners., more effective service with quick reaction times. We are able to offer technical support with local technicians, in local languages, and during local hours thanks to these businesses and our network of local service partners.
Customer assistance technical guidance on how to use a machine. technical issues resolved over the phone and online.
Facilities documentation.
Experience and expertise to act rapidly in any situation.
Telediagnosis to evaluate the needs and the state of the installation.
Using a remote connection to the device, any potential incidents can be diagnosed.
Support for plants emergency maintenance repair preparation.
Digital services implementation

Advanced Assistance

This service consists of high-value technical solutions that aid in the management of spare parts, diagnosis, productivity monitoring etc. Using this advanced service, YANGLI may provide specialized and personalized assistance in areas such as advanced productivity monitoring, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) monitoring, predictive maintenance, and many more.
This help is focused on the machine's integrity and condition in presses and stamping systems. In the case of metal cutting and processing lines, in addition to machine maintenance, the installation process is also examined, with a focus on productivity and quality obtained with the machine.
Furthermore, because the most current technology necessitates specialized operators, our training experts build plans tailored to the specific needs of each customer in order to help develop the full potential of the team and thereby get the most out of the facilities.

Training for operators and maintenance workers.
Analysis of "best practices."
Fundamental metal processing instruction.
Improved productivity through a greater grasp of the facilities.
Consultation on environmental regulations.
Safety standard consultation.
Consulting to improve energy efficiency.

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