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Hydraulic Press
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Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is a machine press using a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force, which used to forming, bending, cutting, drawing the sheet metal.

According to the classification of hydraulic press frame structure, Yangli have YL41 model C-frame hydraulic presses, YL27G model four-column hydraulic presses, YGM model H-type integral welding body hydraulic presses, YLZ34 model hydraulic tie rod frame hydraulic presses with movable bolster.

Hydraulic press also vary in the amount of force they can provide from 40ton to 10000tons.

Hydraulic press can be fitted with a wide range of punches and dies, they can be used for almost any sheet or plate metal shaping applications. The most common are:

•   Automotive industrial

•   Metal Containers

•   Home appliances

•   Furniture

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