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Laser Cutting Machine
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Laser Cutting Machine

The laser cutting machine emits a high powered laser beam to either cleanly cut or etch a specific design on materials such as sheet metal, plastic or wood.

Yangli offer single bolster BL model fiber laser cutting machine, GL model double exchange bolsters laser cutting machine, PL model tube cutting laser, with the features of:

• Cuts non-ferrous material with ease

• Reliable and fast machinery for rapid turnaround

• Uses less energy when cutting – using nitrogen, oxygen, air

• Cuts through the thickest of metals – including mild steel

• Cut complex shapes with precise detail

• Non-wearing for a flawless edge finish

Offer different bolster size from 3000x1500mm to 12000x2500mm. Different laser resonator brands available with power from 2KW to 30KW.

A wide variety of industries, including automotive and medical device industries use laser cutting machine because it offers a high degree of accuracy and precision.

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