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Focus on the “116 Project” event! China Industry News focuses on the release of Yangli innovation results!
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Focus on the “116 Project” event! China Industry News focuses on the release of Yangli innovation results!

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This article is reproduced from “China Industry News Network”:

■ China Industry News reporter Liu Yufa

   On November 29th, our reporter was invited to participate in the 10th “Project 116” Innovation Achievement Release and Customer Association held by Yangli Group. With the theme of “Inheriting Ingenuity, Wisdom to Create the Future”, this event focused on displaying dozens of automated production lines and overall solutions for sub-industry, as well as some innovative products, boutique stand-alone machines and core functional components, and more than 500 domestic and foreign companies. Customers and guests focus on this grand event together!

   It is reported that Yangli Group’s products cover stamping, sheet metal, forging, laser and automation fields. It has more than 5,000 employees and total assets of 2.8 billion yuan. It has formed a production scale of more than 3 billion yuan in production and sales, becoming the largest and most comprehensive in my country. Strong, one of the most complete types of metal forming machine tool manufacturers. It has successively won honorary titles such as “China’s Well-known Trademark”, “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, “China’s Top 100 Machinery Industry”, “Pioneer in China’s Forging Machine Tool Industry”, “Jiangsu Province Landmark Enterprise” and so on.

   Our reporter learned at the scene that since the first “116 Project” held by Yangli Group, it has continued to this day, and 2019 happens to be the tenth. The original “Project 116” refers to “the top leader personally takes command” and “optimizes and upgrades 16 key products.” As time goes by, 16 key products have achieved remarkable results, and the number of optimized and upgraded key products is also increasing year by year. In fact, the meaning of “Project 116” has been extended to the overall project of Yangli Group to promote the transformation and upgrading of key products. The “1” is still “the leader in charge”, but the “16” is no longer limited to the original Those 16 products.

   The welcome ceremony was hosted by Zhang Jun, Vice President of Yangli Group. In his speech, President Lin Yajie pointed out that in the context of the increasingly complex global economic environment, increasingly fierce competition, and China’s economic transformation and upgrading, under the new situation where new demands, new technologies, and new models continue to emerge, as a traditional machine tool manufacturer, he is facing more challenges. When there is heavy downward pressure, look up at the starry sky, be down-to-earth, and accurately identify factors that will not change over a period of time. Lin Yajie told our reporter: In machine tool manufacturing, what remains unchanged is the principle of machinery and basic science, what remains unchanged is the craftsman’s pursuit of quality, and what remains unchanged is the ability to respond quickly from solutions to products to services. What Yangli needs to do is to use the emerging new control technology, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, and big data to plug new wings into traditional equipment, make the equipment more flexible and efficient output, and provide customers with the most cost-effective” “Forming + Automation + Informatization” intelligent manufacturing solutions.

   Mr. Li Peilin, the project general manager of Tianjin Automotive Mould Co., Ltd., the customer representative, said that through inspection and cooperation, Yangli strives to open up the three links of R&D, manufacturing, and management through inspection and cooperation, and has initially realized intelligent production and management Intelligentization and product intelligence have effectively promoted the implementation of the intelligentization strategy. At present, the 5G era has arrived. In the Internet of Things era of the Internet of Everything, Tianjin Auto Mould will cooperate with Yangli Group to create a better future!

   As an overseas guest representative, Kim Yong-hyun, the president of South Korea’s Inwang Trading Company, told the reporter that he knew that Yangli’s hot die forging presses had become the first domestic hot die forging brand in Korea, and multi-station presses had also become numerous in the world. The customer’s preferred brand, especially the precision stamping intelligent production line of the home appliance industry, has led the development of the industry. President Kim Yong-hyun said that he would introduce more Yangli products to Korea, and he also expressed his warm congratulations on the successful launch of the “116 Project” innovation results conference of Yangli Group.

   At the press conference, it is worth noting that Mr. Zhong Taisheng, chief engineer of Yangli Group, released the innovative results of Yangli “116” in 2019, and introduced the HGP-4000WL wide-table high-energy hot die forging press and HGP-3150W high-energy hot die. Five new products of forging press, K2P-1000 warm forging press, YLM-4000K forging hydraulic press, MIP-315 gantry double-point intelligent press, and other solutions for industries such as automobiles, home appliances, sheet metal, and power batteries. 

   Innovate and transform, drive fast! The “116 Project” special technical lectures are divided into four venues: automated stamping solutions for the automotive industry, automated stamping solutions for sub-industries, development and application of CNC sheet metal processing technology, hydroforming technology and intelligent manufacturing. , To exchange discussions and experience sharing on many topics such as new energy power battery fully automatic stamping solutions, high-speed stamping technology and solutions, and Yangli P-MES intelligent manufacturing solutions.

   Do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind! Yangli Group adheres to the spirit of “Calmness and pragmatism, hard work and innovation, and pursuit of excellence”. Under the guidance of the development strategy of “intelligence, specialization, heavy-duty, large-scale, and internationalization”, outstanding Communist Party member Lin Guofu leads Yangli The group has grown from an unknown township enterprise to a leading enterprise in my country’s forming machine tool industry, and has embarked on a unique path of transformation and development of private enterprises.

   Chairman Lin Guofu said in an interview with our reporter that since its establishment 53 years ago, the company has always adhered to the industry, insisted on independent innovation, and has been committed to technological innovation, management innovation, system innovation and market innovation for a long time. It is built on the basis of Yangli Group Research Institute. The R&D and manufacturing platform promoted the rapid improvement of the group’s product lineup, R&D rate, and process level, and realized the high-quality development of Yangli. I still remember the first “116 Project” held in January 2011, in a novel way to let new products and new technologies compete with each other. After three stages of evaluation, the “Fist Product” JH21-160B of the year Won the first prize. The group innovatively invited experts to visit the site to give pointers, and rely on the event to fully demonstrate the comprehensive strength of Yangli. Nowadays, Yangli’s products are not only limited to stand-alone machines, but are transformed into a complete solution for intelligent manufacturing, and are developed in accordance with the automotive industry, home appliance industry, new energy vehicle power battery industry, forging industry, sheet metal industry and other industries. . Looking back on the course of Yangli’s “116 Project”, it is a critical period for Yangli to further promote the transformation and upgrading. Over the years, the “116 Project” has promoted the rapid improvement of the group’s product lineup, research and development rate, and technological level. Therefore, every “116” project held is a new presentation of Yangli Intelligent Manufacturing! It is also a major review of Yangli’s product innovation!

   Machine tools are called the mother of industry. Machine tools are the foundation of machinery manufacturing, and machinery manufacturing is the ultimate expression of a country’s industrial strength, especially its industrial hematopoietic and development capabilities. Hundreds of years of strength and hard work, and progress and grow together with the development of the Republic, continue to make new breakthroughs, new achievements and new developments, and gradually develop from an unknown small township factory to a backbone enterprise in the field of machine tools in my country. Now since Yangli entered the machine tool professional field, it has provided more than 2 million sets of forming machine tools to domestic and foreign customers, providing equipment for automotive, household appliances, aviation, shipbuilding, rail transit, aerospace, new energy and other industrial industries. The mother machine has made due contributions to the modernization process of China’s industry.

   In the new era and new manufacturing, Yangli Group is determined to become a world-class metal forming equipment manufacturer and system integration service provider with leading technology, and strives for the goal of “creating a world brand and building a century of strength”!

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