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P2M series transfer drawing press
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P2M series transfer drawing press

·This machine adopts the spindle laid-down bilateral eccentric gear drive,stable transmission,connecting rod large span of the screws,machine partial load resistance is strong,the strength of the mechanical parts is greater than the crankshaft type machine tools,overcome the deformation of the crankshaft stress,deflection difference,designed for location stretching process improvement of press.
·The machine implements JIS-1 precision standard.
·The sliding block runs in the whole course of the fuselage guide rail,running smoothly with good accuracy.
·It can meet the requirements of shell stamping such as 54173 and 71173.
·The punched shell has uniform opening size and high perpendicularity.
·This machine is widely used in square battery,filter,air mist tank and other shell stretching process.

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