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Where does the strength to “raise power” come from when the “billion yuan order” is won?
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Where does the strength to “raise power” come from when the “billion yuan order” is won?

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The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought unprecedented impact to many industries, but there are also some companies that have won opportunities for development from the beginning of the resumption of work.

Yangli Group, as “the vanguard of China’s forging machine tools”, has long been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of various medium and high-end sheet metal processing equipment and intelligent production lines. Soon after resuming work and production, “Yangli” signed a large order of 100 million yuan with a first-tier supplier of a certain brand of automobile .

Why can this “billion yuan order” be won by “Yangli”? Where is the confidence to win this “billion yuan order”?

Zhong Taisheng, chief engineer of Yangli Group Co., Ltd., who is a provincial ” 333 ” talent, told the author that this “billion-dollar order” is the most demanding and largest tonnage fully automatic synchronous stamping production line in the automotive industry. The stamping tonnage of the machine reaches 2,400 tons, and the latest six-bar linkage technology for synchronous stamping is applied.

Zhong Taisheng said frankly that to complete such a production line is a brand new challenge for Yangli. The customer asked the press to increase the stamping of automotive panels from 10 to 15 per minute . For a stamping production line that needs to coordinate “operations”, such a change requires not only an increase in speed, but a traditional design. Need to overthrow and start over.

The task is heavy and time is tight. According to customer requirements, the product will be delivered by the end of this year, and “Yangli” still chose to take the order decisively.

Where does this confidence come from?

Zhong Taisheng said that Yangli Group has the Yangli Research Institute and a national post-doctoral workstation. The core technology of this “billion-dollar order” is highly compatible with the research and development topics of doctors who entered the station in 2018 and 2019 . The ability to win this order stems from “Yangli” has many years of accumulation of human resources and cutting-edge technology.

In recent years, Yangli Group has introduced a total of 12 talents from various projects , including provincial double-creation talents, provincial double-creation teams, and provincial doctoral gatherings , including 6 doctors . The talent gathering effect allows the company to maintain strong market competition in the industry throughout the year. force.

The confidence of “Yangli” to sign the “Big Million Billion Order” comes from heavyweight talents.


Looking back at this “billion yuan order”, where did the confidence to sign it come from?

Occasionally, I clicked on the Douyin app . On April 15th , Yangli Group held the “Three Laser Equipment Handover Ceremony” in the Douyin Live Room. Three models of 10,000-watt laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, and laser plate and tube integrated cutting machine were broadcast live. The buyer’s delivery process. At the same time, the ceremony was also broadcast simultaneously on corporate WeChat, Toutiao and other channels, and the live broadcast popularity of the platform exceeded tens of thousands. If you dare to do this, the confidence to “raise strength” still comes from the confidence in talents and the confidence in technology.

Whether it is a city, a company, or a talent, if you want to get a sense of peace of mind, you are actually looking forward to having the confidence to grow and the expectation of stable development.

For this peace of mind, Yangzhou has built a high-level park platform to provide industry and talents with more professional and efficient platform support;

Cultivate a high-quality “rule of law and integrity system” to provide enterprises with a safe and reliable business credit environment and investment development environment;

Promote the “one-stop, convenient” government service, deepen the reforms of “only one door, one run at most” and “no-face approval (service)”, and implement centralized, immediate, and help agency agency;

Optimize policy supply, and on the basis of comprehensive implementation of central and provincial support policies, successively introduced a series of measures such as ” 16 benefits for enterprises ,” ” 12 benefits for farmers ,” ” 15 finances ,” and ” 10 taxes .”

Good birds choose wood and live there, and the relationship between cities and talents complements each other. Cities prefer industries, and industries prefer talents. On the contrary, talents make industries, and industries make cities.

Cities are more attractive because they allow talents to realize their value; talents demonstrate their value because they make urban development more dynamic.

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