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Yangli Group held the 2019 National Day Marketing Work Conference and Marketing Manager Training Class!
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Yangli Group held the 2019 National Day Marketing Work Conference and Marketing Manager Training Class!

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On October 6th and 7th , Yangli Group held the 2019 National Day Marketing Work Conference and held training courses for marketing managers and after-sales service personnel! The content of the conference revolved around technical lectures, group discussions on marketing work, and special seminars on quality improvement. At the same time, after-sales service personnel training was also carried out.

At the meeting, Jiang Wei, deputy director of the Sales Management Department, summarized the group’s marketing work this year. He pointed out that under the severe macroeconomic situation, the overall performance of the group in 2019 remained higher than the industry average. Some branches have successfully completed the sales targets for the whole year of 2019. Among them, Chen Jiubin, manager of the Liyang branch, has a completion rate of 125.74% . As of the end of September , judging from the performance of the group’s series of products, the sales of CNC precision laser cutting machines and hot die forging production lines have increased significantly year-on-year. In response to the current sales situation, Minister Jiang Wei also put forward many opinions and suggestions. He hopes that all marketing managers will be immersed in their hard work with a sense of responsibility and mission that does not wait for time, seize the day and Struggle for annual sales targets.

Subsequently, representatives of branch company managers at all levels took the stage to give speeches. In recent years, the sales work of each company of Yangli has been mainly carried out around intelligent manufacturing solutions. With the signing of each order, the high-quality products produced by customers through Yangli machine tools are exported to domestic and international markets, and the reputation of Yangli’s brand has been widely spread! For the sales staff who are struggling in the front line, it is necessary to deeply understand the marketing strategy of “small business, strong platform, large company” emphasized by President Lin, and formulate effective solutions and integrate resources for their respective regional sub-industries. Precision marketing, innovation and innovation, keep pace with the trend.

President Lin Yajie and Chairman Lin Guofu listened to the work reports of the 9 branch managers and gave affirmation and praise to their work. At this National Day marketing conference, through the experience sharing of excellent marketing managers and the technical knowledge lectures of professionals of the Group Research Institute, all marketing staff have a clearer future work direction, solidified the business foundation, exchanged and learned work methods and ideas It has been sublimated.


It has been less than a hundred days since the arrival of 2020. All Yangli people will race against time, work together and work together. In the only days left in 2019 , we will draw a successful conclusion to the marketing work for the whole year and hand in satisfactory answers. !

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