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Yangli Group KN95 folding mask full-automatic and semi-automatic production line delivered with high performance!
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Yangli Group KN95 folding mask full-automatic and semi-automatic production line delivered with high performance!

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Since the global outbreak of the new crown virus, the demand for epidemic prevention and control materials has skyrocketed, and the supply of masks at home and abroad is in short supply. Yangli Group actively participated in the battle against the epidemic and put into production of mask machines. Following the production of fully automatic flat mask machines after the Spring Festival, Yangli officially put into production the KN95 folding mask fully automatic and semi-automatic production line in mid- April , attracting many customers to inquire and order. A few days ago, a number of production lines have been delivered one after another, stably producing on the customer’s site.

Currently, Yang forces developed have  YLNF KN95 folded masks automatic production lines  , YLNS KN95 folding masks semi-automatic production lines, YLPM-2 plane masks one with two automatic production lines  , YLPM face mask ear with welding machines  , YLPM face mask playing Film machine and children’s film machine. The above-mentioned products have won unanimous praise from customers for their advantages such as easy-to-use, stable and reliable, good versatility, good compatibility, high strength and high cost performance. Wherein, one with two flat masks automatic production lines  stable production of 5000 member / hr, KN95 automatic production line for full servo, fully automated production, the production efficiency than the traditional 30% , molding better highlight the like, is subject to market Widely favored!

Products: KN95 Folding Mask Fully Automatic Production Line

This production line can realize the fully automated production of KN95 folding masks. The equipment is mainly composed of coil feeding station, nose bridge feeding station, ear strap feeding and welding station, mask folding forming station, finished product unloading station, etc. Bit composition. It is suitable for the automated production of folding masks with less than 6 layers.


It can produce 1800-2400 pieces per hour ;

The produced masks are comfortable to wear, have no feeling of pressure, have good filtering effect, and have a high degree of fit for the face;

The whole line is driven by a full servo motor with high precision;

All areas are equipped with photoelectric detection to avoid errors, reduce waste, and increase product qualification rate;

It can realize 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted operation and minimize the staffing of operators;

Only manual feeding and receiving are required, and the intermediate process is unmanned operation, which improves production efficiency;

Product display: flat one with two masks automatic production line

The mask machine production line is composed of 3 different equipment, which can complete the automatic production of flat disposable masks, or each part can work independently to form a semi-automatic production line; it is suitable for a fully intelligent and advanced control platform to control the overall setting, and one person can operate it. Yes; it has the advantages of clear and firm embossing and good welding effect.


Using ultrasonic welding technology, the finished product is beautiful and fast;

The entire production line is automated from feeding, nose line insertion, edge banding, and cutting of finished products;

The whole line is controlled by frequency conversion, and the production speed can be set according to actual needs;

The whole frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the key parts are made of stainless steel, which is not rusty, durable, and easy to clean.

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