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Yangli Group successfully held the 2019 “116 Project” Innovation Achievement Release and Customer Association!
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Yangli Group successfully held the 2019 “116 Project” Innovation Achievement Release and Customer Association!

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On November 29th, the 10th “116 Project” Innovation Achievement Release and Customer Association held by Yangli Group opened grandly in the ancient city of Yangzhou! With the theme of “Inheriting ingenuity and creating the future with wisdom”, this event focused on displaying dozens of automated production lines and overall solutions for sub-industry, as well as some high-quality stand-alone machines and core functional components. More than 500 customers from home and abroad Guests focus on this event together!

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the participating guests arrived at Yangli Science and Technology Park by bus and stepped into the lecture hall of Yangli Building. The welcome ceremony was presided over by Zhang Jun, Vice President of Yangli Group. First of all, President Lin Yajie delivered a welcome speech, expressing a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests from afar. Mr. Li Peilin, Project General Manager of Tianjin Automobile Mould Co., Ltd., and Kim Yong-hyun, President of South Korea Renwang Trading Co., Ltd. delivered guest speeches, expressing warm congratulations on the successful convening of Yangli Group’s “116 Project” Innovation Achievement Conference.


   Subsequently, Mr. Zhong Taisheng, Chief Engineer of Yangli Group, released the innovative results of Yangli “116” in 2019, and introduced the HGP-4000WL wide-table high-energy hot die forging press, HGP-3150W high-energy hot die forging press, K2P- Five new products of 1000 warm forging press, YLM-4000K forging hydraulic press, MIP-315 gantry double-point intelligent press, and other solutions for industries such as automobiles, home appliances, sheet metal, and power batteries.

After the welcome ceremony, the guests took a group photo together, and then visited the production site of Yangli Heavy Machinery and Heyangli CNC and the exhibition hall of Yangli Building. In the afternoon, the guests worked tirelessly and went to Yangli Pioneer Park and Yangli Industrial Park to visit the production sites of Yangli Machine Tools, Yangli Precision Machinery and Yangli Hydraulics.

   In the evening, Yangli Group held a grand appreciation dinner in the Shangri-La Banquet Hall. Du Yong, Director of Sales Management Department, delivered a toast. At the banquet site, wine and delicacies, exciting programs, lucky draws, etc. were staged in turn, with laughter and joy! In a strong atmosphere of friendship, the guests pushed their cups and changed their cups and chatted openly, pushing the atmosphere of the thank-you dinner to a climax!

On the 30th, the “116 Project” special technical lecture was held in Shangri-La Hotel. The lectures were divided into four venues: automated stamping solutions for the automotive industry, automated stamping solutions for sub-industries, the development and application of CNC sheet metal processing technology, hydroforming technology and intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the full range of new energy power batteries. Various topics such as automatic stamping solutions, high-speed stamping technology and solutions, and Yangli P-MES intelligent manufacturing solutions were exchanged and discussed and experience sharing.

In the context of increasingly complex global economic environment, increasingly fierce competition, and the backdrop of China’s economic transformation and upgrading, under the new situation where new demands, new technologies, and new models continue to emerge, President Lin Yajie said: “As a traditional machine tool manufacturer, we face greater challenges. When there is downward pressure, you must look up at the starry sky, be down-to-earth, and accurately identify the constant factors during a period of time. In machine tool manufacturing, the constant is the mechanical principle and basic science, and the constant is the craftsman’s pursuit of quality. It is the ability to respond quickly from solutions to products to services, and what we need to do is to use the emerging new control technology, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, and big data to plug new wings on traditional equipment and make the equipment more flexible, Efficiently output and provide customers with the most cost-effective “forming + automation + informatization” intelligent manufacturing solutions.”

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