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Yangli Group’s 2019 summer training class for party members and cadres is grandly opened!
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Yangli Group’s 2019 summer training class for party members and cadres is grandly opened!

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   From July 19th to 20th, Yangli Group held the theme activity of the 2019 summer training class for party members and cadres in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of Yangli Building. This summer training class aims to lead the cadres and employees to “not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, summarize the main work of the group in the past six months, analyze the current domestic and international economic situation and the severe challenges faced, and deploy the group’s work tasks in the second half of the year.

The 2019 summer training class for party members and cadres was hosted by Comrade Sun Chaojun, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group. All the hired cadres of Yangli Group, representatives of some party members, and some backbones of production, technology and management participated in the theme activities of this summer training class

 The summer training class kicked off with the solemn national anthem. At the meeting, comrade Sun Chaojun, deputy secretary and vice president of the Yangli Group Party Committee, first announced the group’s party committee’s list of probationary party members to become regular members and new developments in 2019. Subsequently, Comrade Zhang Jun, Vice President of Yangli Group, reported to all the participants of the group’s business analysis in the first half of the year. Immediately afterwards, Comrade Lin Yajie, President of Yangli Group, delivered a speech at the 2019 Summer Training Class for Party Members and Cadres: “Focus on High-quality Development and Promote Innovative Management”.

 In his speech, President Lin Yajie first made a brief review of the group’s work in the first half of the year: “Scientific and technological innovation is being promoted in an orderly manner; project promotion has achieved initial results; basic management is simultaneously promoted; party and mass work is carried out in harmony.”

      In addition, while summing up the past, President Lin also requires everyone to see the shortcomings in the development of the enterprise and take practical and effective measures to improve them.

Based on the research and judgment of the current situation, President Lin put forward the requirements of the group’s work in the second half of the year:

      1. Market expansion is the top priority, and the “sense of urgency” and “sense of responsibility” must be highlighted;

      2. Basic management is the foundation of a strong enterprise, and it is necessary to highlight “high efficiency” and “high quality”;

      3. Technological innovation is the core driving force, and “practicality” and “forward-looking” should be emphasized.

       At the same time, he called on all employees to be value-based, to establish correct job values, to be brave, to be good at implementation, to have a sunny attitude, to learn diligently, to find a sense of accomplishment, belonging and gain in the job, and to realize personal and personal relationships. The common progress of enterprises will help promote the high-quality development of Yangli!

       Finally, Comrade Lin Guofu, Chairman of the Group, made an important speech: “The tougher the market, the more important the product quality. All Yangli people must resolutely implement the three-product strategy: support the brand with variety, lead the brand with quality, and enhance the brand with taste; The vision of “a world brand, building a century of strength and strength” is moving forward!”

   In order to strengthen the ideological quality of the participants, on July 20th, Yangli Group invited Professor Wang Yin from the Party School of Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee to give a lecture on “The Causes and Responses of the Sino-US Trade War” in the lecture hall to help the group’s party members and cadres analyze current affairs , Seize opportunities in adversity. Professor Wang Yin’s profound knowledge has benefited a lot from everyone.

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