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Yangli Group’s 2020 Marketing Summary and Commendation Conference was successfully held!
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Yangli Group’s 2020 Marketing Summary and Commendation Conference was successfully held!

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2020 is an extraordinary year. Under the complex economic environment, Yangli Group has made breakthroughs in market development and product development in accordance with the general trend. The group’s main economic indicators showed a trend of growth against the trend, and the main economic indicators were better than those of the same period. It was awarded the honor of “Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In order to sum up experience and commend the advanced, the group organized the 2020 marketing work summary and commendation meeting at the beginning of the year of the ox . The meeting was presided over by Du Yong, the head of the sales management department, and Lin Yajie, the president , made key arrangements for the company’s 2021 marketing work. The group’s middle-level and above cadre leaders, all marketing personnel, and related department personnel attended the meeting. Mr. Lin Guofu, chairman of the group, attended the meeting and made an important speech.

In his speech, President Lin Yajie congratulated the commended collectives and individuals, and extended sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to the marketing service personnel who have worked hard on all fronts for the past year. He fully affirmed the outstanding performance of the marketing front in 2020 , objectively analyzed the changes in the industry’s competitive situation, pointed out the deficiencies in marketing services, and put forward specific requirements for doing the marketing work this year. President Lin emphasized that all marketing service personnel must deepen the implementation of marketing transformation strategies, seize opportunities, take the initiative, think about what customers think, focus on customer needs, not be afraid of challenges, dare to break, dare to work, dare to fight, go all out and strive for comprehensive Complete the 2021 marketing target.

Chairman Lin Guofu quoted the poet Zang Kejia’s words “don’t wait for a whip and work hard” to encourage all marketing and service personnel to be brave to be a “rule bull” who serves customers wholeheartedly, and a “pioneer bull” who smashes the city and expands the market. The “old scalper” who works hard, dedicated and dedicated, promotes the spirit of hard work, adheres to the pursuit of innovation, works together, overcomes difficulties, and strives for the full realization of marketing goals and tasks.

At the commendation meeting, the group company solemnly commended the collectives, top ten and advanced individuals with outstanding marketing performance in 2020 ; at the same time, the new marketing branch / branch company manager was appointed and a new sales contract was signed. book”. Sales branch managers and some branch managers reported on their work in 2020 , and made a statement on the indicators and tasks for the new year.

During the conference, the group also held a series of activities such as marketing training conferences and Spring Festival training for after-sales service personnel. Marketing personnel strengthened by studying “Automotive Industry Stamping Automation Solutions”, “Structural Features of Hot Die Forging and Industry Solutions” and other series of lectures. To improve its own business level, deepen the understanding and application of the marketing strategy of “small business, strong platform, large company”, and strive to provide customers with the most perfect solutions. After-sales service personnel have passed more than ten professional trainings and group discussions such as “Production Inspection Work and Daily Quality Failure Handling Cases”, analyzed and summarized user feedback and suggestions, improved after-sales service skills, and further implemented the “specialty, minimal, and perfect” The service concept is always to provide customers with the best quality service and continue to enhance customer satisfaction.

In the journey of “creating a world brand and building a century of strength”, the vigorous and vigorous people of Yangli will identify the direction of progress, carry forward the spirit of hard work, uphold the pursuit of innovation, and make every effort to promote the high-quality development of Yangli and become a comprehensive enterprise. Leading metal forming experts with strength and market influence have enabled Yangli to stand firm in the market with a more vigorous posture.

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